Climate-Controlled Storage
in Richland, Washington

At South Richland Self Storage, we understand just how important it is to protect your investment in valuable personal belongings and items that are vulnerable to temperature and humidity fluctuations. That’s why we offer climate-controlled storage options in our self storage facility near Badger Mountain off Dallas Road.

Climate-controlled storage units at South Richland Self Storage in Richland, Washington

Climate Control
The Benefits

This type of specialized storage solution is perfect for items like antique wood and leather furniture, musical instruments, artwork, photographs, and clothing and textiles, as well as fragile belongings such as your wine collection, vintage stereo components, and electronics. Because climate-controlled storage maintains an ideal range of temperature and humidity inside your unit, your valuables remain in the same shape they arrived in.

To learn more about the climate-controlled storage options at South Richland Self Storage and to find out if this type of specialized storage is right for you, give one of our storage experts a call today.

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